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Wrap-up Workshop - Presentations

Friday, 20 September 2013

Palm harvest impacts on tropical forests. Henrik Balslev. Denmark.

Ecological studies of long-term historical constraints on functional diversity of palms in
the Neotropics. Bastian Göldel, D. Kissling & J. C. Svenning. Denmark.

Conservation and resilience of a key element of Andean flora, the wax palms
(Ceroxylon). María José Sanín, G. Galeano, F. Anthelme, J. C. Pintaud, J. Thome, P.
Zapata, R. Bernal & M. Møller. Colombia.

Management of naidi palm (Euterpe olerecea) for sustainable use of palm heart on
Colombian Pacific Coast. Martha Isabel Vallejo, G. Galeano & R. Bernal. Colombia.

Demography of Astrocaryum standleyanum and A. chambira, and proposal for
management. Néstor García, P. Zuidema, G. Galeano & R. Bernal. Colombia.

Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Peru: distribution and ecology data. César Arana,
L. Salinas, F. Kahn & B. Millán. Peru.

Natural and human-induced genetic and ecological patterns in North-Western South
American palms unravelled by population-level studies. Jean-Christophe Pintaud, R.
Montúfar, F. Anthelme, M. J. Sanín, J. Olivera, R. Ramírez & B. Millán. France.

Phylogenetic relationships and genetic variability of Subtribe Mauritiinae (Arecaceae:
Calamoideae) studied with chloroplast sequences. José Olivera, R. Bernal, G. Galeano,
M. J. Sanín, A. Faye, T. Couvreur, B. Millán, J. C. Pintaud & R. Ramírez. Peru.

Genetic structure of populations of Oenocarpus bataua (ungurahua): a tool for
conservation of forest resources in the Neotropics. Sebastián Escobar, R. Montúfar & J.
C. Pintaud. Ecuador.

Long term surveillance of palm community composition in the western Amazon basin.
Ingrid Olivares, J. C. Svenning, P. van Bodegom, R. Valencia & H. Balslev. Denmark.

eMonocot: online biodiversity informatics for monocots (including palms, and the Palm
web project). Lauren Gardiner. United Kingdom.

Trends of Ethnobotanical surveys about palm uses in Bolivia: Case studies. Mónica
Moraes, N. Paniagua, R. Hurtado, F. Montoya & E. Blacutt. Bolivia.


Ethnobotanical knowledge is vastly under-documented in northwestern South America.
Rodrigo Cámara-Leret, N. Paniagua, H. Balslev & M. Macía. Spain.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Over-exploited but under-utilized - native palms from northwestern South America.
Grischa Brokamp & M. Weigend. Germany.

Chambira (Astrocaryum chambira), the soft fiber of the Arecaceae family with greater
commercial potential. Manuel Marín, B. Millán & F. Kahn. Peru.

Progress on leaf anatomy of Bactridinae and its implications on systematics. Betty
Millán, N. Ortega, M. Marín, M. Rivas, M. Machahua, M. Bazán, J. C. Pintaud & F. Kahn.

Basal branching in Astrocaryum carnosum and A. huicungo (Arecaceae). Miguel
Machahua, F. Kahn & B. Millán. Peru.

Impact of the PALMS Project on the Colombian National Strategy for Plant Conservation.
Gloria Galeano & R. Bernal. Colombia.

Policy of sustainable uses of palm products in the northwestern South America: from
theory to practice. Renato Valencia & H. Balslev. Ecuador.


Final Reporting Workshop - Posters

Please bring the palm research posters you have presented at meetings over the past (couple of) year(s) so we can hang them during the workshop for general information about what is going on in the various WPs of the project.


Altamirano Balslev Valencia - poster 2012

Kristiansen et al - poster 2010

Cevallos Valencia - Poster 2012

De la Torre - poster 2012

Final Reporting Workshop - List of Participants

Aarhus (Henrik Balslev, Dennis Pedersen)
Quito (Renato Valencia, Roberto Carillo, Hugo Navarette, Lucia de la Torre, Rommel Montufar)
Bogota (Gloria Galeano, Rodrigo Bernal)
Madrid ( Manuel Macia)
Bonn (Max Weigend, Grischa Brokamp)
La Paz (Monica Moraes, Camila de Urioste)
Kew (Lauren Gardener)
Copenhagen (Helle Munk Ravnborg)
Montpellier (Fabien Anthelme)

Not participating
Bill Baker
Jean-Christophe Pintaud
Betty Millan

Final Reporting Workshop - Program

22-27 OCTOBER 2012

MONDAY 22 October

09-12 Public Mini-symposium at PUCE, Departamento de Biología, with presentation (in Spanish) of PALMS results by PALMS researchers. Participation of Palms Local Advisory Committee for Ecuador


  • Henrik Balslev, PALMS coordinator: The Palms project
  • Jose Manuel Barreiro, WP-2. Palm Genetics
  • Rodrigo Bernal, WP-5: Management of palms as NTFP
  • Maximilian Weigend/Grischa Brokamp, WP-4: Trade with palm products
  • Renato Valencia, WP-7: Policies that influence palm use, management and trade


12-13 Closed meeting at PUCE with the Local Advisory Committee for comments on project progress etc.

13-15 Lunch with Local Advisory Committee, at PUCE

15-17 Transfer to Mindo – Casa de Piedra - for those who want a fieldtrip.

17-onwards: free time in Mindo for walks etc.


Full day excursion to the remanants of the Chocó forest near Santo Domingo, including La Perla, Tinalandia, and maybe others


9-12 Excursion to Pedro Vicente Maldonado to see exploitation of Wettinia quinaria and Iriartea deltoidea, incuding a visit to the local office of the Ministry of Agriculture to hear about their control of NTFPs

12-13 Lunch in Casa de Piedra

13-onwards – time to walk on the trails near Casa de Piedra and elsewhere in the Mindo area. Or stay at the hotel to prepare workshop and receive participants who did not come on the fieldtrip.


Full day workshop on deliverables to PALMS month 56 and 60


9-12 Return to Quito, with a stopover for palm watching

Data Evaluation Workshop - List of participants

The following people have confirmed their attendance (until July 11, 2011)

Henrik Balslev
Helle Munk Ravnborg
Anders S. Barfod
Jonas Jensen (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)
Emma Line Tagø (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)
Line Bech Thostrup (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)
Irene Lykke (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)


Jean-Christophe Pintaud
Barreiro José Manuel (Ph D Student)



Manuel Macía
Rodrigo Cámara (Ph D Student)
Narel Y. Paniagua Zambrana (Ph D Student)
Rainer W. Bussmann




Grischa Brokamp
Natalia Valderrama (Bogotá only)



Rodrigo Bernal
Gloria Galeano
Néstor García (Ph D Student)
Martha Isabel Vallejo (Ph D Student)
Carolina Isaza (Ph D Student)
Jaime Navarro (Ph D Student)
María José Sanín (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)
Luis Alberto Núñez (Ph D Student)
Laura Mesa (M Sc Student)
Eva Ledezma (M Sc Student)
Claudia Torres (M Sc Student)
Yisela Figueroa (Project assistant)

Renato Valencia
Carolina Altamirano (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)


Bill Baker
Alexandre Theys


Mónica Moraes (Bogotá only)


Betty Millán
Héctor Aponte Ubillus (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)
Manuel Marín Bravo (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)
José Olivera (Ph D Student) - (Leticia only)

Local Advisory Committee (Bogotá only)

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez, Director Tropenbos Colombia
Dra. María Cristina Peñuela, Professor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Leticia Campus
Dr. Brigitte LG Baptiste, Director, Instituto Humboldt, Bogotá
Dr. Nicolás Castaño, Instituto de Investigaciones Amazónicas Sinchi
Dr. Inés Cavelier, Patrimonio Natural, Fondo para la Biodiversidad y Áreas Protegidas, Bogotá.


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