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Wrap-up Workshop - Presentations

Friday, 20 September 2013

Palm harvest impacts on tropical forests. Henrik Balslev. Denmark.

Ecological studies of long-term historical constraints on functional diversity of palms in
the Neotropics. Bastian Göldel, D. Kissling & J. C. Svenning. Denmark.

Conservation and resilience of a key element of Andean flora, the wax palms
(Ceroxylon). María José Sanín, G. Galeano, F. Anthelme, J. C. Pintaud, J. Thome, P.
Zapata, R. Bernal & M. Møller. Colombia.

Management of naidi palm (Euterpe olerecea) for sustainable use of palm heart on
Colombian Pacific Coast. Martha Isabel Vallejo, G. Galeano & R. Bernal. Colombia.

Demography of Astrocaryum standleyanum and A. chambira, and proposal for
management. Néstor García, P. Zuidema, G. Galeano & R. Bernal. Colombia.

Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) in Peru: distribution and ecology data. César Arana,
L. Salinas, F. Kahn & B. Millán. Peru.

Natural and human-induced genetic and ecological patterns in North-Western South
American palms unravelled by population-level studies. Jean-Christophe Pintaud, R.
Montúfar, F. Anthelme, M. J. Sanín, J. Olivera, R. Ramírez & B. Millán. France.

Phylogenetic relationships and genetic variability of Subtribe Mauritiinae (Arecaceae:
Calamoideae) studied with chloroplast sequences. José Olivera, R. Bernal, G. Galeano,
M. J. Sanín, A. Faye, T. Couvreur, B. Millán, J. C. Pintaud & R. Ramírez. Peru.

Genetic structure of populations of Oenocarpus bataua (ungurahua): a tool for
conservation of forest resources in the Neotropics. Sebastián Escobar, R. Montúfar & J.
C. Pintaud. Ecuador.

Long term surveillance of palm community composition in the western Amazon basin.
Ingrid Olivares, J. C. Svenning, P. van Bodegom, R. Valencia & H. Balslev. Denmark.

eMonocot: online biodiversity informatics for monocots (including palms, and the Palm
web project). Lauren Gardiner. United Kingdom.

Trends of Ethnobotanical surveys about palm uses in Bolivia: Case studies. Mónica
Moraes, N. Paniagua, R. Hurtado, F. Montoya & E. Blacutt. Bolivia.


Ethnobotanical knowledge is vastly under-documented in northwestern South America.
Rodrigo Cámara-Leret, N. Paniagua, H. Balslev & M. Macía. Spain.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Over-exploited but under-utilized - native palms from northwestern South America.
Grischa Brokamp & M. Weigend. Germany.

Chambira (Astrocaryum chambira), the soft fiber of the Arecaceae family with greater
commercial potential. Manuel Marín, B. Millán & F. Kahn. Peru.

Progress on leaf anatomy of Bactridinae and its implications on systematics. Betty
Millán, N. Ortega, M. Marín, M. Rivas, M. Machahua, M. Bazán, J. C. Pintaud & F. Kahn.

Basal branching in Astrocaryum carnosum and A. huicungo (Arecaceae). Miguel
Machahua, F. Kahn & B. Millán. Peru.

Impact of the PALMS Project on the Colombian National Strategy for Plant Conservation.
Gloria Galeano & R. Bernal. Colombia.

Policy of sustainable uses of palm products in the northwestern South America: from
theory to practice. Renato Valencia & H. Balslev. Ecuador.



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