Impact 1
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Impact 1

To improve local management of palm resources in the study areas through the provision of alternatives to unsustainable management practices to local producers and users of palm products

A major component of PALMS (WP5 and WP6) defines indicators of sustainability and measures to make management more sustainable. WP5 assesses practices and strategies of people exploiting the resource, and WP6 the institutional framework setting the stage for and delimiting their options both at national and local level. Assessment of measures will be theoretical and practical. Existing documented experiences will be surveyed, and researchers will document the present management across the study region in areas where products from palms are important for people’s livelihood. They will systematize how resources are managed (harvest methods and intensities, measures to promote regeneration, and the like), how farmers and extractor organizes, marketing possibilities, relevant policies, etc. Based on these data, and results regarding use and abuse of resources (from the WP1 to WP4) and literature, specific measures to make resource use more sustainable will be described with indicators for sustainability and procedures and actions to promote a better resource use. General criteria and guidelines will be evaluated in the PALMS’ study sites, adapted to the local realities (ecosystems, traditions, market conditions, etc.) through management plans elaborated by communities and other stake-holders with guidance from PALMS. At this point PALMS aim to involve these directly at local levels in the use and management of resources. This implies that actors will gain practical experience in evaluating and implementing policy options. Researchers will support local people and communities in expressing needs regarding land-use to the authorities, and inform them regarding specific measures to improve land-use and resource management. WP8 on Dissemination will work closely with local actors including farmers and their organisations and also NGOs to develop documentation suitable for making the project’s results available to stake holders.


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