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Alvarado-Segura et al. 2012 Palm species richness, abundance and diversity in the Yucatan Peninsula, in a Neotropical context.

Álvarez-Loayza et al. 2011 Light Converts Endosymbiotic Fungus to Pathogen, Influencing Seedling Survival and Niche-Space Filling of a Common Tropical Tree, Iriartea deltoidea.

Anthelme et al. 2010 Caracterizacion de la resiliencia ecologica de poplaciones de palmeras.

Anthelme et al. 2011 How anthropogenic disturbances affect the resilience of a keystone palm tree in the threatened Andean cloud forest?

Aponte et al. 2011 Vegetative adaptability of the Peruvian palm Astrocaryum perangustatum to deforestation.

Balslev 2011 Palm harvest impacts in north-western South America.

Balslev & Moraes 2010 Presentation of research protocols – Project PALMS.

Balslev et al. 2010 Palms and palm communities in the upper Ucayali river valley – a little known region in the Amazon basin.

Balslev et al. 2010 Traditional knowledge, use, and management of Aphandra natalia (Arecaceae) in Amazonian Peru.

Balslev et al. 2010 The use of transects for studying palm communities.

Balslev et al. 2011 Species diversity and growth forms in tropical American palm communities.

Balslev et al. 2012 Palmeras de los Leco y sus usos.

Balslev et al. 2012 Subandean and adjacent lowland palm communities in Bolivia.

Bernal et al. 2010 Uses and Commercial Prospects for the Wine Palm, Attalea butyracea, in Colombia

Bernal et al. 2011 Palm management in South America.

Bernal & Sanin 2013 Los palmeras de Ceroxylon quindiuense (Arecaceae) en el Valle de Cocora, Quindío: perspectivas de un ícono escénico de Colombia

Bernal et al. 2013 Botswanan palm basketry among the Wounaan of western Colombia: lessons from an intercontinental tecknology transfer

Brokamp et al. 2010 Obtención de datos sobre producción y comercialización de productos de palmas

Brokamp et al. 2011 Trade in Palm Products in North-Western South America

Cámara-Leret et al. 2012 A Standard Protocol for Gathering Palm Ethnobotanical Data and Socioeconomic Variables across the Tropics.

De la Torre & Valencia 2010 Políticas de manejo sostenible de productos forestales no maderables (PFNM)

De la Torre et al 2009 Contrasting palm species and use diversity in the Yucatan Peninsula and the Ecuadorian Amazon.

De la Torre et al. 2011 Legal and Administrative Regulation of Palms and Other NTFPs in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

Duarte & Montúfar 2012 Effect of leaf harvest on wax palm (Ceroxylon echinulatum Galeano) growth, and implications for sustainable management in Ecuador.

Eiserhardtet al. 2011 Geographical ecology of palms (Arecaceae): determinants of diversity and distributions across spatial scales.

Eiserhardt et al. 2011 Phylogeny and divergence times of Bactridinae (Arecaceae, Palmae) based on plastid and nuclear DNA sequences.

Eiserhardt et al. 2011 Testing the water-energy theory on American palms (Arecaceae) using geographically weighted regression.

Eiserhardt et al. 2012 Separating environmental and geographical determinants of phylogenetic community structure in Amazonian palms (Arecaceae).

Eiserhardt et al. 2013 Dispersal and niche evolution jointly shape the geographic turnover of phylogenetic clades across continents.

Galeano et al. 2010 Evaluación de la sostenibilidad del manejo de palmas.

Garcia et al. 2011 Management of the Spiny Palm Astrocaryum malybo in Colombia for the Production of Mats.

Garcia et al. 2013 Management of Astrocaryum standleyanum for handycraft production in Colombia.

Gomes de Freitas et al. 2012 Topographic separation of two sympatric palms in the central Amazon – does dispersal play a role.

Isaza et al. 2013 Use, Production and Conservation of Palm Fiber in South America: A Review

Kahn and Millán 2009 Astrocaryum ulei (Arecaceae) newly discovered in Peru.

Kahn et al. 2011 Detailed assessment of the distribution af Astrocaryum sect. Huicungo (Arecaceae) in Peru

Kissling et al. 2011 Quaternary and pre-Quaternary historical legacies in the global distribution of a major tropical plant lineage.

Kissling et al. 2012 Cenozoic imprints on the phylogenetic structure of palm species assemblages worldwide.

Kristiansen et al.2009 Commonness of Amazonian palm (Arecaceae) species: patterns, cross-scale links, and potential determinants.

Kristiansen et al. 2011 Local and regional palm (Arecaceae) species richness patterns and their cross-scale determinants in the western Amazon.

Kristiansen et al.2012 Environment versus dispersal in the assembly of western Amazon palm communities.

Ludeña et al. 2011 Phylogenetic utility of the nuclear genes AGAMOUS 1 and PHYTOCHROME B in palms (Arecaceae): an example within Bactridinae

Macía et al. 2011 Palm uses in northwestern South America: a quantitative review.

Mesa & Galeano 2013 Usos de las palmas en la Amazonia Colombiana

Mesa & Galeono 2013 Uso y Manejo de las palmas (Arecaeae) por los PiaPoco del norte de la Amazonia Colombiana

Montúfar & Brokamp 2011 Palmeras aceiteras del Ecuador: estado del arte en la investigación de nuevos recursos oleaginosos provenientes del bosque tropical.

Montúfar et al. 2011 Disturbance and resilience in tropical American palm populations and communities.

Navarro et al. 2011 Impact of leaf harvest on populations of Lepidocaryum tenue, an Amazonian understory palm used for thatching.

Olivares and Galeano 2013 Leaf and inflorescence production of the wine palm (Attalea butyraceae) in the dry Magdalena River valley, Colombia

Paniagua-Zambrana et al. 2010 Toma de datos etnobotánicos de palmeras y variables socioeconómicas en comunidades rurales.

Pintaud et al. 2010 Neotypification of Ceroxylon weberbaueri Burret.

Queenborough et al. 2012 Palms, peccaries and perturbations: widespread effects of small-scale disturbance in tropical forests.

Rodriguez et al. 2012 Effects of micro-environmental conditions and forest disturbance on the establishment of two Andean palms in Ecuador.

Roncal et al. 2010 Divergence times in the tribe Geonomateae (Arecaceae) coincide with Tertiary geological events.

Roncal et al. 2011 A Dated Phylogeny Complements Macroecological Analysis to Explain Diversity Patterns in Geonoma (Arecaceae).

Roncal et al. 2012 Can phylogenetic signal, character displacement, or random phenotypic drift explain the morphological variation in the genus Geonoma (Arecaceae).

Sanin et al. 2013 Juvenile resilience and adult longevity explain residual populations Ceroxylon quindiuense

Scarcelli et al. 2011 A Set of 100 Chloroplast DNA Primer Pairs to Study Population Genetics and Phylogeny in Monocotyledons.

Sosnowska & Balslev 2009 American palm-ethnomedicine: A meta-analysis.

Stauffer & balslev 2012 socratea karstenii (arecaceae), a new species from venezuela

Svenning et al. 2009 Topographic and spatial controls of palm species distributions in a montane rain forest, southern Ecuador.

Vallejo et al. 2011 Producción de palmito de Euterpe oleracea Mart. (arecaceae) en la costa pacífica colombiana: Estado actual y perspectivas.

Vedel Sørensen et al 2013 Spatial distribution and environmental preferences of 10 economically important forest palms in western South America


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