Other relevant research activities
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How other relevant research activities are taken in consideration

The research laboratories involved are centers of activity for natural resource studies with broad contacts to a broad selection of researchers who work in the area. The herbaria in La Paz, Lima, Quito and Bogotá are visited by national and foreign scientists, who often use it as the local research bases for their projects. This secures contacts to a very large section of potentially interesting and related research projects.

This projects web-page will be another point of contact to other relevant researchers, projects and institutions. Several projects in each of the northwestern South American countries are relevant to the project proposed here, and only examples can be mentioned. In Colombia a palm conservation project is very relevant for the present project, and the two projects will exchange information and coordinate activities. In Ecuador the PALMS project is related to a project entitled Plantas útiles del Ecuador and the two projects will be coordinated through personal contacts. In Peru, IRD is involved in several activities related to the genetic structure of palm populations and existing institutional and personal contacts will secure that duplications are avoided. In Bolivia a project on Biodiversity of Economically Important Species is related to the activities of Bio-commerce in that country. Both projects will be contacted to secure coordination of activities and avoiding duplication of efforts.


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