Assumptions or external factors
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Assumptions or external factors that may determine success

It is an assumption that political stability of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador is maintained, and that the conflict in Colombia shall not seriously hamper fieldwork in that country. Colombian scientists, including the PALMS participants, have, during decades of intern conflict, continued an active research program in the safer parts of the country. European project partners will limit their fieldwork to the other three countries.

Partners from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador will also conduct fieldwork in Colombia, but always accompanied by national counterparts. It is assumed that the maintenance of good relations to local people in project areas, which has been established during previous fieldwork, continues throughout the project. Without local peoples’ acceptance some of the project components cannot be carried out. In order to ensure a good contact the Latin American scientists will select core areas that are well known to them and we will make an effort to assure that all partners approach the local societies an appropriate manner.


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