Steering Committee
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Steering Committee

The decision-making body of the project is the Steering Committee that is made up of the scientists leading the contributing research units in the Participating Institutions, altogether 10 persons (4 women and 6 men) including the coordinator who will chair the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee makes all major decisions of relevance to the execution of the project. Furthermore, the Steering Committee reviews the scientific progress of the project, makes decisions and takes actions to solve obstacles in a timely matter, reviews budget and expenditures to ensure a cost efficient conduct of the project and maximizes the training and post graduate education built into the project. The Steering Committee meets around major milestones, at least four times during the project period. The meetings are arranged by the coordinator and project manager and coincide with the consortium workshops that treat issues that relate to integrating work of different participants and work-packages. Meeting reports are disseminated to the entire research network to ensure a high level of information on the progress of the project.

Chair: Henrik Balslev – project coordinator (Aarhus University)

Members of the Steering Committee

Responsibilities of the Steering Committee

Meetings of the Steering Committee


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