Local Advisory Committees
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Local Advisory Committees

The Local Advisory Committees (LAC) are made up of 4–6 individuals, appointed in their personal capacities, but representing the Governments, local institutions, NGOs and peoples organisations in each of the four countries where the project will function (Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia).

These committees are invited when the PALMS team meet in their country for a workshop or another meeting. At these meetings they are presented for the projects activities and advances and they will be asked to provide advise which is based on their personal and institutional experience. These Local Advisory Committees secure that EU-PALMS is always adjusted to local needs and connected to local stake-holders with the purpose of communicating the projects results to them at all levels from local (village) to government.

Local Advisory Commitee Bolivia
Local Advisory Commitee Colombia
Local advisory Commitee Ecuador
Local Advisory Commitee Peru


Meetings of the Local Advisory Committees


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