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Potential Impact

PALMS is prepared in response to the topic Use of natural resources: the impact of biodiversity, ecosystem goods and services (ENV.2007. The call encouraged participation of International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC). The subject is the impact of use and trade in natural resources at ecosystem and the services they provide, and how to measure biodiversity, ecosystem resilience and the limits of it, and the sustainability of resource management.

Ecosystem services provided by sustainably managed ecosystems are the basis for human well-being, and are seen as major priority at all political levels. PALMS will improve the scientific basis for a sustainable management of ecological-economic systems in the forests of northwestern South America. The approach of PALMS is innovative, representing a new way to evaluate ecosystem diversity and resilience, and define criteria and indicators for sustainable management. Results and experiences will have general interest for endeavors to manage species-rich tropical forests elsewhere in sustainable ways.


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