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WP 8 - Description of work


1. Establish a homepage during the first three months of the project to disseminate project activities, research in progress and results from PALMS for resource management and decision support. Give access to information about general and transversal issues regarding palms and palm products supplementing information referring to individual palm species and genera provided by EDIT in WP7.

2. Workshop 1 (month 12) with local initiatives in PALMS project sites, to find best methods to disseminate information generated by the project.

3. Workshop 2 (months 12) with national and international organizations and relevant institutions (potential users of the information) to present plans, and receive a feedback (12).

4. Elaborate (based on inputs from WP5, WP6 and WP7 and partly aimed for WP5 and WP6) information materials and management and decision tools targeting stake-holders involved in use, trade and management of palms; ranging from extractors and farmers to community organizations, NGOs, public extension services, commercial enterprises.

5. Disseminate relevant information to populations at PALMS research sites, mainly via organizations, institutions and projects already working with natural resource management in the respective areas.

6. Make alliances with and provide documentation and management tools to national and international organizations working with sustainable management of ecological-economic systems particularly in northwestern South America but also elsewhere.

7. Inform the general public about palms and generally the importance of sustainable natural resource management; via popular and electronic media, booklets, thematic posters, calendars, etc.

8. Write and edit a book about palms and PALMS presenting main results and recommendation in a manner readable by scientists and the informed public including managers, policymakers and politicians; publish a video regarding the same issues, in order to attain maximum attention in media from local to national level.



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