WP 2 - Ecosystem resilience and limits of functioning
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WP 2 - Vegetation studies

2. Vegetation studies and analysis of effects of vegetation matrices on palm communities (24-36)


Vegetation studies have been conducted in Andean cloud forests of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, considering at each site (6 in total, from 1600 to 3000 m elevation) a mosaic of undisturbed forest, disturbed forest and pasture. A total of 289 plots (20 x 20 m) were realized (total area sampled 115 600 m2).

Analysis of the structure and dynamics of Ceroxylon populations (from 5 species) and Prestoea acuminata within this vegetation matrix has been completed and reported so far in several articles (Anthelme et al 2011, Rodriguez et al. 2012, Sanín et al. in press) and a PhD thesis (Sanín 2013).


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