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WP 7 - Objectives

Generel objectives

Gather and organize the information about uses of and trade in palms and palm products, and their management and its implications and perspectives, and make the material available via a palm-specific internet portal (and WP8)


Specific objectives:

1. Compile and organize all relevant information about use and trade of palm products, and impacts on and responses of ecosystems providing palm products.

This objective was achieved by month 18 of the project by UAM (linking to WP3). A database was compiled containing palm use records from a wide range of primary and grey literature. This database was the basis of a report that was published in:

Macía, M., Armesilla, P., Cámara-Leret, R., Paniagua-Zambrana, N., Villalba, S., Balslev, H. & Pardo-de-Santayana, M. (2011) Palm Uses in Northwestern South America: A Quantitative Review. The Botanical Review, 77, 462-570


2. Make the information available through the EDIT portal presenting data regarding the individual palm genera and species to the public and scientific domains.

This was achieved by month 36 of the project. KEW employed a software developer for 18 months to adapt the EDIT portal ( so that it could present that data collected for objective 1. Free text summaries of palm usage extracted directly from the literature are now available on the relevant species pages of Palmweb, along with tabular summaries of descriptive tags that summarise the uses of each species given in each publication. Last year, Palmweb received over 500,000 hits, indicating that it is reaching a wide audience.



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