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Technical Standard of Non Timber Forest Products

The proposal of Technical Standard of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) has been developed by Lucía de la Torre under the framework of collaboration with the project Biocomercio Andino and the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador.

It proposes a Registry of Origin of NTFPs, which is a user friendly at no cost, as the mechanism to encourage the registration of users of NTFPs while allowing an inventory of these resources in the country. It proposes more stringent information requirements for harvesting vulnerable species and threatened populations.

This proposal establishes administrative procedures to authorize the harvest, transport, processing and marketing of NTFPs from natural and cultivated ecosystems such as agroforestry plots, due to the proliferation of cases of predominantly wild NTFPs already included in agroforestry systems and the legal vacuum that exists to facilitate and even encourage their use.

Technical guidelines (general and specific) are included to promote the sustainable use of NTFPs. General guidelines are given for all NTFPs from the native flora divided according to their harvested part (270 species and 317 products) and annexed are specific guidelines for 31 species with 35 products most commonly marketed and for which management information has been generated.


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