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WP 4 - Case studies

3. Case studies of commercial extraction and sale of palm products; technical reports, thesis works, etc. (36)


Several case studies have been conducted or are in preparation and the corresponding findings were presented as thesis works, at several conferences (as posters or talks), were already published, submitted or are in preparation as scientific publications.

Thesis works:

Valderrama N. (Masters-thesis TU München, Co-Supervisor M. Weigend) 2011. Value Chain Investigations on Four Colombian Palm Species. http://www.banrepcultural.org/sites/default/files/natalia-valderrama-Value_Chain_Investigations_on_Four_Colombian_Palm_Species_2011.pdf

Brokamp G. (PhD thesis FU Berlin) 2013 in progress. Biology, sustainability and socio-economic impact of wild plant collection in NW South America. Dr. rer. nat., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Weigend M., Hilger H.H. 201 pp.


Published case study:

Montúfar R. & Brokamp G. 2011. Palmeras aceiteras del Ecuador: estado del arte en la investigación de nuevos recursos oleaginosos provenientes del bosque tropical. Revista Ecuatoriana de Medicina y Ciencias Biológicas 32: 93-118.


Submitted case study:

Brokamp G., Borgtoft Pedersen H., Montúfar R., Jacome J., Weigend M. & Balslev H. (accepted) Productivity and management of Phytelephas aequatorialis Spruce (Arecaceae) in Ecuador. Submitted to Annals of Applied Biology on 11th of July 2013, accepted with minor revisions on 12th of September 2013, final revision ahead, AAB-2013-0230.

This manuscript was also included as a chapter in PhD thesis of GB.


Case study in preparation to be submitted:

Brokamp G., Montúfar R., Laffargue A. Dussert S., Isaza C., Pintaud J.-C., Weigend M. (in prep.) Utilization of FA composition data for authentication of Oenocarpus bataua mesocarp oil. Finished manuscript to be submitted to Economic Botany or comparable Journal.


Case study in preparation:

Brokamp G., Montúfar R., Baldassari D., Restrepo Z., Gardiner L., Weigend M. (in prep.). Utilization of palm seeds in the manufacture of handicraft products in NW South America. Data collection completed, analysis and manuscript writing in progress.


Brokamp G., M. Mittelbach, M. Weigend: Value chains in native palm products from northwestern South America.



Case studies presented at conferences:

Brokamp G., Mittelbach M. & Weigend M. 2010. Trade, value chain and legal aspects for two palm products – a case study near Iquitos (Peru). Poster. Palms 2010, International Symposium on the Biology of the Palm Family, Montpellier, France.

Brokamp G., Montúfar R., Pintaud J.‐C., Dussert S., Weigend M. 2011. Native palm oils from NW South America – FA composition of Ecuadorean palm oils and a case study on commercially available mesocarp oil from Oenocarpus bataua (Arecaceae). Poster. Botanikertagung 2011 – Diversity makes the difference, Berlin, Germany.

Brokamp G., Montúfar R., Dussert S., Pintaud J.-C., Isaza C., Weigend M. 2012. Detecting adulteration and population differentiation by PCA and Cluster analysis with fatty acid composition data of Oenocarpus bataua (Arecaceae) mesocarp oil from NW South America. Talk. 13. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik, Berlin, Germany.

Brokamp G., Baldassari D., Cevallos D., Weigend M., Balslev H. 2012. Brooms made from fibres of Aphandra natalia – insights into a typical palm product from NW South America. Talk. EUNOPS 2012, Centro Studi e Ricerche per le Palme Association, Sanremo, Italy.

Brokamp G., Montúfar R., Jacome J., Baldassari D., Weigend M. 2013. Causes of resource limitation in the trade with tagua (Phytelephas aequatorialis). Talk. EUNOPS 2013, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.


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