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Euterpe oleracea - Acai berry fever hits India

Article in healthnews18.com about the fruits of the South American palm Euterpe oleracea being linked to weight loss.

Acai berry is a globally popular super fruit which is linked to weight loss. Over the past few months, the demand for acai berry is going down in the United States. But in India, the demand for acai berries and acai supplements are increasing day by day.

Of late, many obese people in India are deeply exercising about the ‘acai berry health benefits’ concept, and trying to get their quota of acai berry supplements from internet and from the big vitamin shops.

Even the nutritionists and gym trainers are flooded with questions about the acai berry benefits. Most of them are completely unaware or less aware of this South American magic fruit!

Earlier Indians used to find it difficult to buy acai berry supplements online, as most of the acai berry online sellers normally don’t ship to India.

But now there are many Indian retail websites which are offering acai berry products to the Indians. Even many of the known American acai berry websites are now shipping to the countries like India and China.

Talking about the surge of acai berry culture in India, Mrs. Manisha Talwar, an Ayurvedic doctor from India, has told there are many better fruits available in India which helps to lose weight.

Pure acai is very difficult to get, and there’s always a great scope for scams in the acai business. Now the acai sellers are targeting countries like China and India to make great business, after earning millions of dollars in the United States.

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