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WP 9 - Objectives


General objective

To ensure effective project coordination, project progress, and timely reporting.


Specific objectives:

1. Oversee daily project activities and coordination.

This has been achieved through constructing a webpage (fp7-palms.org) which has accumulated all project relevant documents and made them accessible to all project participants. The web-page is open and has also been our outlet to colleagues outside the project and the public in general. In the start of the project Inger Juste functioned as project administrator overseeing all correspondence with the office of the European Community. This job was taken over by Dennis Pedersen, who currently carries out that job under the supervision of project co-ordinator Henrik Balslev.


2. Ensure scientific quality and timely project progress.

In connection with the PALMS Steering Committee meeting we have organized symposia and workshops with scientific presentations by project researhers and students. During these events all presentation were subject to internal project review to secure their scientific quality.


3. Provide sound financial management.

The project co-ordination has handled the financial management according to the EU rules and all partners have had their funds transferred in time, except when reasons not under the project coordination’s controle prevented it (1 case). The accounts have been submitted in time, and subsequently approved.


4. Organize project work-shops, activities for Ph.D.-student group, etc

The project coordination has organized the planned meetings of the Steering Committee, symposia, workshops and other activities according to schedule. All meeting documents, including calls, agendas, minutes, presentations, list of participants, etc can be found on the website (www.fp7-palms.org).


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