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WP 6 - Description of work


1. Analyze policy issues related to use and trade of palms in northwestern South America in particular and of natural plant products in general. This includes regulations for extraction and trade, relationship to land-use policies and infrastructure projects, conservation and protection of national resources, ethical issues, the situation and rights of indigenous people and intellectual property right.

2. Define policy level initiatives and procedures that may facilitate a better and more sustainable management of ecological-economic systems providing palm products; identify changes in policies and practices that can be promoted administratively (in contrast to depending on legal changes), and both at the central national level and in provinces/departments, municipals, etc.

3. Target administrators and policy level officials (particularly in the areas where project research is undertaken) with information materials and decision and management tools, e.g., GIS-based resource and impact maps and the like (elaborated in collaboration with WP8 based on information provided by WP5).

4. Make alliances with and provide materials and tools to national and international organizations working with policy aspects regarding sustainable management of ecological-economic systems particularly in NW South America but also elsewhere

5. Compile own and other organizations experiences with injecting information regarding management and sustainability into political-administrative systems.



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