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WP 4 - Description of work


1. Gather existing information concerning commercial extraction and sale of palm products in northwestern South America, including a) scientific data, b) information from official statistics and other sources regarding consumption, sale and export of palm-derived articles, and c) Compilation from institutions and organizations participating in activities aiming to promote bio-commerce with palm-products.

2. Develop a standardized research protocol to document marketing networks for palm products across the region with standard questions to actors at different levels of marketing chains, ranging from farmers or collectors through middlemen to the hands of the consumer.

3. Investigate marketing of palm products for food (fruits and palm hearts), fibers, construction materials, etc. and: a) determine economic benefits of participants at different levels, b) magnitude of the trade, c) amounts of raw materials needed, d) collection and management strategies, and e) processing and marketing strategies.

4. Document and evaluate initiatives to expand trade in sustainable produced palm-products as bio-commerce at national and international levels; and impact of these efforts at local people and their resource-base.

5. Extrapolate current trends estimating future commercial extraction of palm-products across the region, and consequences for people and palm-populations, and options to ensure ecologically and socially sustainable expansion.



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