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Steering Commitee Meeting 1 - Agenda

1 Welcome to the Steering Committee meeting

2 The status of the project, achievements and challenges

3 A review of the Participating Institutions' capacity to fulfill their obligations as described in the DoW (Appendix 1 of the contract)

4 Any changes in the composition of the Consortium of Participating Institutions (this point may need a decision)**

5 Any other matter

6 Closing of 1st Steering Committee meeting

*The Consortium Agreement is available on www.fp7-palms.org where you can read further details about the Steering Committee and its duties.

**According to the Consortium Agreement any point on the agenda which may need a decision made by voting, must be identified as such in the agenda. I am hoping that UMSA will be able to approve the Consortium Agreement soon and to start the work within fp7-palms, but this provision in the agenda is to allow us to make a decision in that respect, should it be needed.


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