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Research Protocol Workshop Program

Programa Taller - in spanish

28 July 2010

Morning flight La-Paz to Cochambamba (app. 35 min), or Santa Cruz to Cochabamba (app. 30 min). Or overland from Santa Cruz to Villa Tunari, ca 200 km and 4-5 hours by bus.

Bus Cochambamba-VillaTunari (163 km, 3-4 hrs). A project paid bus will depart from Cochabamba airport after the arrival of the early morning flight, landing about 16:00 in Cochabamba.

19:00: Dinner with Palms' Bolivian Local Advisory Committee

29 July 2010

8:30-12:00: Morning meeting with Palms' Bolivian Local Advisory Committee

12:00-13:00: Farewell Lunch for Bolivian Local Advisory Group

13:00: Bolivian Local Advisory Group depart for Cochabamba over land, and fly back to La Paz

13:00-18:00: Afternoon visit to Carrasco National Park, caves with oilbirds and bats that disperse palm seeds

30 July 2010

All day Progress Reports for WPs and institutions

19:00-20:00: Steering Committee Meeting

31 July 2010

All day Research Protocols calibration

01 August 2010

Morning departure by bus to Cochambamba, afternoon flight to La Paz


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